Mark Griggs Memorial Kiwanis Scholarship 

Each year the Farmington Kiwanis Club funds the Mark Griggs Memorial Kiwanis Scholarship for a lucky student or two to attend Mineral Area College.  The awards vary each year depending on the fundraising activities of the previous year. 

This scholarship is for Farmington High School or St Paul Lutheran High School  Seniors or previous winners that are currently attending Mineral Area College to re-apply.  Please carefully read the criteria before applying to ensure you meet all required criteria.
Since 2003, we have awarded $61,000.00 in scholarships to local students!
Scholarship Winners:
2023: Ryan CooperAudrey Crawford and Brandon McFall, FHS class of 2023. A total of $4,500.00 was awarded.
2022: Meagen Denkler, FHS class of 2022. A total of $1,500.00 was awarded.
2021: Cal Sheets, MAC Student renewal and Caroline Dickinson and Reece Gibson FHS class of 2021. A total of $4,500.00 was awarded.
2020: Cal Sheets FHS class of 2020  $1,500.00
2019: Alysa Massey, MAC Student renewal and Megan Dement and Amelia Sproat FHS class of 2019. A total of $4,500.00 was awarded.
2018: Alysa Massey, Arianna Kaley, and Kenneth Whitworth, all FHS class of 2018. A total of $4,500.00 was awarded.
2017: Madelyn Tripp, MAC Student renewal and Corben Crites, Taylor Reeves, Brock Quinton and Amanda Wolf, FHS Class of 2017.  A total of $7,500.00 was awarded.
2016: Madelyn Tripp and Molly Harris, FHS Class of 2016.  A total of $3,000.00 was awarded.
2015: Tessa McCain and Tristan Hastings, FHS Class of 2015.  A total of $3,000.00 was awarded.
2014: Devyn Kennon, Brice Nicholson, Ross Quinton, Austin Kopp and Sarah King, FHS Class of 2014.  A total of $5,500.00 was awarded.
2013:  Cassidy Settles and Rebecca Thomure, FHS Class of 2013.  A total of $1,500.00 was awarded.
2012:  Mary Brann, MAC Nursing Student  $500.00
2012:  Josh Cashion, FHS Class of 2012  $1,500.00
2011:  Mary Brann, FHS Class of 2011 $500.00
2010:  Anastasia BishopBree GreeverBrittany Helms, FHS Class of 2010 each received $3,000.00 payable over 2 years.
2009:  Christopher Govero and Lindsey Herbst, FHS Class of 2009 each received $3,000.00 payable over 2 years.
2007:  Elizabeth Harris and Bethany Price each received $750.00.
2006:  Laura Smith and Elizabeth Ladd each received $750.00.
2005:  Laura Smith received $500.00.
2004:  Dallas Bryant and Anthony Minghi each received $750.00.
2003:  Dallas Bryant and Anthony Minghi each received $750.00.
The application for scholarships for the 2024-2025 MAC School year is HERE