2017 Kiwanis Radio Day

Date: September 30, 2017

The Kiwanis Club of Farmington is taking over KREI for charity!
Put your business in the spotlight for ONLY $100.  Your generous contribution of $100 allows you 15 minutes of radio time for you to promote your business!  News sponsorships are also available.
You can also sponsor a local non-for-profit by purchasing the spot and allowing them to do the interview!

To get scheduled, download and complete this FORM and mail with a check to the address on this form.

This year's schedule:
Time                       Business/Organization 
6:55 MO Net News
7:00 ABC News        Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram
7:10-7:25 AM          Introduction by the Kiwanis Club
7:25-7:40 AM          First State Community Bank
7:40-7:55 AM
7:55 MO Net News
8:00 ABC News
8:10-8:25 AM
8:25-8:40 AM           Habitat for Humanity sponsored by Anthony Miano Architect 
8:40-8:55 AM 
8:55 MO Net News
9:00 ABC News          Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram
9:10-9:25 AM            First Baptist Church
9:25-9:40 AM            Ozarks Federal Savings & Loan
9:40-9:55 AM            Camelot Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
9:55 MO Net News 
10:00 ABC News 
10:10-10:25 AM          First State Financial Management
10:25-10:40 AM          Farmington Pet Adoption Center  sponsored by Stephanie Belser Attorney at Law
10:40-10:55 AM          Pasta House
10:55 MO Net News
11:00 ABC News          Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram
11:10-11:25 AM          The Baptist Home
11:25-11:40 AM          St. Joseph Catholic Church sponsored by Cozean Memorial Chapel
11:40-11:55 AM 
11:55 MO Net News
12:00 ABC News 
12:10-12:25 PM          Farmington Chamber of Commerce
12:25-12:40 PM 
12:40-12:55 PM 
12:55 MO Net News
1:00 ABC News           Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram
1:10-1:25 PM 
1:25-1:40 PM              Redfield Collision
1:40-1:55 PM
1:55 MO Net News
2:00 ABC News 
2:10-2:25 PM 
2:25-2:40 PM
2:40-2:55 PM
2:55 MO Net News
3:00 ABC News          Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram
3:10-3:25 PM             Auto Plaza Farmington
3:25-3:40 PM
3:40-3:55 PM             Butterfields Florist
3:55 MO Net News
4:00 ABC News 
4:10-4:25 PM
4:25-4:40 PM
4:40-4:55 PM
4:55 MO Net News
5:00 ABC News          Law Office of Hartmann & Pegram
5:10-5:25 PM
5:25-5:40 PM
5:40-5:55 PM
5:55 MO Net News

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